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Sunlit Splendor:


I patiently waited for the perfect moment, when the rose was in full bloom and the colours was in their most brilliant, to capture the beauty of a vibrant orange rose-bush in my garden with this painting.

The way it gleamed in the sunlight was to irresistible not to paint.

It's not  just a painting of a rose; it's a tribute to the beauty of nature, a reminder of the simple pleasures that surround us each day.

I added some shimmering glass beads and iridescent paint to catch the light, and finished it with two coats of varnish to protect its beauty for generations to come.

This painting would definitely light up any space with a touch of sparkle and elegance.

An original acrylic floral painting, on a primed gallery canvas.

Professionally framed in a bespoke white wood frame.

Signed on the front, by me the artist, Caroline O Farrell.

Size : W - 62 cm   x   H - 52cm  x D - 5cm .

W - 24.409"  x   H - 20.472"

My paintings bring joy and happiness to me and I hope they bring the same to you.

Thank you for visiting my website - Caroline.

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