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The Apple Tree by the Loft


Welcome to "The Apple Tree by the Loft", a captivating acrylic painting that transports you to a bygone era.

Immerse yourself  in the idyllic countryside as you admire the vibrant apple tree laden with juicy red apples, casting a shadow upon the old white-washed loft.

Follow the trail of blue forget-me-nots as they lead you up the steps, to the old red door, beckoning you to explore the stories within.

A high textured original acrylic painting on a slim canvas

This painting has two coats of gloss varnish which gives it a nice shine and will protect and preserve it for generations to come

Professionally framed in a soft white bespoke frame

Frame size: 71 x 56 cm,    28 x 22 "

Image size: 56 x 41 cm,    22 x 16 "

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